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  • Take Australia and Siam first, then pput a lot of armies in Siam

  • There is no unspoken truce between Africa and South America

  • Conquer South America first, and keep it fortified

  • Only a desperate player tries to keep Europe

  • Only a loser tries for Asia

  • If one of your armies falls over, replace it immediately.   Especially if this happens during a battle

  • Don't let anyone touch your cards

  • Don't let anyone move your armies off the board when they have been defeated

  • Do something crazy and unsuspected (Random violence is always good in this game)

  • Don't try to take Europe first

  • The keys to victory are Japan, Madagascar, and Iceland

  • Leave Asia alone until you have enough power to do some real damage

  • Take care of the common enemy no matter what the odds

  • Magnets can only enhance the game

  • More to come........