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wpe1.gif (11174 bytes) Bryan Condor: A.K.A. David "The Mutant King" Critchfield.  D.O.B. circa 1956, Antioch, VA, family kitchen table Education:  Sparse - Graduate of OCHS, Not Much Information   Current Residence:  Lakode Woods, an enclave of Y2K fanatics



wpe2.gif (7160 bytes) George A. Pickens:A.K.A. Wamp, Ubar, Maker of Gods.  D.O.B. 1955, but suspected time traveler, known to reside in Egypt (Kemet), 2850 B.C., 1560 B.C. and 120 A.D. Education: Graduate of OCHS, Current Residence:  Columbia, land of Tripp
wpe3.gif (7802 bytes) X-Man: A.K.A. Jim "2nd Place" Crossman. D.O.B. Records not available, the lack of a belly button indicates that he may be the result of a genetic experiment gone awry, and birthed in a "vat" of protein liquids.  Education:   rumored to be graduate of GOD University, Current Residence:  outside Civil War graveyard
wpe4.gif (10010 bytes) Techno Wench: A.K.A. Valerie Wampler.  D.O.B. circa 1958.  Education:   Nomadic until Graduation of OCHS 1976.  Of all this groups subjects, this seems to be the only one of standard human stock, non-gene manipulated homo sapiens....until....
wpe5.gif (4530 bytes) The Hobbit: A.K.A. Bob, Rob, Roth, or Gib.  He answers to them all and is one of the more interesting of the assembledge, definitely not human.  Probably not of this galaxy, seems to have been banished by a long dead race, or possiby the cause of their downfall.  Serves no real purpose in the game other than to "Take the Beserker's Oath" and cause superior players to fall to inferior strategy. 

New Man: A.K.A. Joe Taft.  Joe is our newest member and under surveillance at this time.  Not much is know of Joe, whether he is man or mue, cyborg or protein.